It looks like Stephanie Davis might be dating this TOWIE guy 4 years ago

It looks like Stephanie Davis might be dating this TOWIE guy

A new celebrity couple?

If rumours are to believed, Stephanie Davis and Ricky Rayment of TOWIE fame are getting up close and personal.


They've been exchanging messages on social media and when a Twitter user suggested that they were dating, neither of them denied it which is the biggest giveaway yet.

Apparently, the flirtation has been going on for a while starting when TOWIE guy Ricky shared photos of him with adorable puppies while helping the A Better Life Dog Rescue charity.

The former Hollyoaks actress started to like them and they've been getting on great since as you'll see from the below tweets.


Now, they're liking photos of all over the place, including one of Steph's bathtub, and although this doesn't mean anything, the rumour mill is in overdrive nonetheless.


The latest clue came when Ricky tweeted that he was "stressed out" and Steph quote tweeted this with a number of emojis including an aeroplane...WHAT IS GOING ON?


Whether they're actually dating or not hasn't yet been confirmed but suffice to say there's something going on, romantically or platonically.


As those who follow Steph know, she has had a very rocky relationship with Jeremy McConnell, the father of her son Caben-Ali, and he was recently found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend.

Ricky Rayment was previously engaged to Marnie Simpson, popping the question to her after just six months, but they parted ways soon after this news as their volatile relationship hit the rocks in 2015.

Jeremy is also said to have moved on with MUA Mandi Flood and according to reports, Stephanie wasn't best pleased with this decision.

Oh, the DRAMA...