Kristen Bell explains why Frozen 2 won't be out any time soon 6 years ago

Kristen Bell explains why Frozen 2 won't be out any time soon

Are you dying to see it?

Most people have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Disney's Frozen. 


While it is a lovely film with a great message, the 'Frozen fever' meant a lot of people quickly got very sick of the film and more specifically the songs.

A second Frozen film has been on the cards for quite a while now but the released date won't be any time soon, according to Kristen Bell.


Kristen, who plays Anna, says that filming hasn't even begun yet.


While the are currently not filming the stars of the film have been keeping busy with other Frozen business.

"We work consistently to do the openings of [theme] parks or the change of seasons at parks or the ice show or whatever." She told IGN.

Kristen basically says that because the film is so huge, there is no need to push the second film.

"They are not rushing the script. They have the luxury to not rush because everyone is going to be excited whether it comes out tomorrow or in five years. They’re making it as perfect as they need it to be and we’re on call to start recording whenever."


When asked about her hopes for the sequel, Kristen hesitated to give an answer.

 "I don’t know." She said

"I’m sure that they will have to challenge their relationship in a new way and I’m sure that they will have to have an even bigger event to prove why kindness and familial love is paramount. How they execute that is up to the professionals!"

Whenever it does come out, be it tomorrow or 10 years, we're very intrigued to see it.