Love Island's Coco begs for cruel comments and trolling to stop 2 months ago

Love Island's Coco begs for cruel comments and trolling to stop

"It actually has got to the point where it's just not fair."

Coco Lodge has addressed some of the cruel comments and online trolling she has been subject to since coming off this year's season of Love Island.


Coco appeared during Casa Amor week, where she coupled up with Andrew Le Page. However, they decided to call it quits when Tasha Ghouri made her return to the villa.

In her most recent YouTube video, Coco shared some of the abuse she has received.

She explained that her friend and Love Island co-star Cheyenne Kerr posted a TikTok with her in it, and in the comments, there were many cruel remarks about her appearance.

Coco shared that reading the comments made her not want to go out with her friends.


She said: "Honestly, I’m sick and tired of people trolling how I look. Or calling me a man or whatever, it actually has got to the point where it’s just not fair and not right.

"I mean why am I scrolling through a video and reading comments, and everyone saying how beautiful my friend is, but then putting me down in response to that."

She then shared some examples of the comments she has seen.


“Saying, ‘Oh my God, Cheyenne you’re beautiful your figure is amazing’ and then saying: ‘Coco, who’s that man at the first part of the clip’ or, ‘Coco you look so ugly, how did this girl get on Love Island?'"

She added: "It’s not fair, and it has got to the point where I don’t want to go out tonight now because I feel like shit about all these comments."

This isn't the first time Coco has spoken honestly about how unkind words affect her. After coming out of the villa, she said that cruel comments about her appearance made by some of the Love Island boys left her in tears.