Love Island's Paul Knops explains the real reason he and Laura Anderson split up 3 years ago

Love Island's Paul Knops explains the real reason he and Laura Anderson split up

Here's what Love Island's Paul Knops has to say about his breakup with Laura Anderson.

Since Love Island 2018 ended, a few of the couples have split up including Laura and Paul, Laura Crane and Jack Fowler and Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake.


Laura and Paul broke up last month and at the time, their busy schedules were reportedly the reason for the split.

Paul had been on holidays in America, Laura in Dubai and they had various work commitments as a result of the reality TV show too.

However, it now seems that there's a bit more to it as Paul has shared his views on the reason for their split in an interview.

The model doesn't think he and hairdresser Laura were compatible as a couple and elaborated on the reason why.


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Chatting to The Sun, he said:


"We weren’t compatible for each other".


He also went on to say that he was the one to call it off but that they said it was a mutual thing as he didn't want Laura to get hurt.

"It was my decision to split from Laura. I said to her let’s make it a mutual decision so we could both move on and she didn’t get hurt".

Paul doesn't think they were "right" for each other and so, splitting up was the best course of action.


However, it doesn't seem as though Laura is overly bothered now as reports suggest she's been getting closer to fellow Love Island contestant Eyal and why not?!

Neither of them has confirmed that there is something romantic is going on but their fans are very interested and want to know EVERYTHING, more on that here.