Love Island's Zara's brother reveals the real beef going on between her and Olivia 1 month ago

Love Island's Zara's brother reveals the real beef going on between her and Olivia

All is not what it seems...

Love Island star Zara Lackenby-Brown's brother has given some new details on the relationship between her and Olivia Hawkins after fans realised the two knew each other outside of the villa.


Since Zara came into the villa as a bombshell, fans noticed on Instagram that Olivia and Zara had commented on each other's posts which dated back to 2020.

Despite never mentioning it on the show, once David left the show he confirmed the two had mentioned they knew each other in off camera scenes.

The pair not only were friendly on Instagram, but fans discovered they had starred in a music video together. Now, with the beef the two have in the villa, fans are convinced something more went down between them.

With neither of the two making any comment about knowing each other, Zara's brother has now revealed more about their connection and settled the rumours once and for all.


Alex appeared on last night's Love Island spin-off Aftersun and spoke all about his sister's meeting with Olivia before her appearance on the show.

He said the two had previously met each other but were never friends.

Alex said: “So they have been on set together for a music video, but as people do on social media they exchange messages, big each other up, that sort of thing.


“But no, they didn’t actually know each other beforehand. Everything that has unfolded has been on TV.”

Speaking on TikTok about his experience on the show, David revealed the inside gossip about the relationship between Olivia and Zara.

Replying to a question about it on TikTok, the fan asked: "Did Olivia and Zara talk about that they knew each other outside the villa?”

David then replied: "Yeah, this is something that was discussed in the villa, so, they told everyone; I think Zara told everyone that she knew Liv and Liv confirmed.”


“Okay but what’s the backstory,” wrote one person, as another said, “It’s so confusing tho. why didn’t they just show us then.”

“How are you going to tease us like that! We need more info how do they know each other what’s the history for the tension,” another said.

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