Author Marian Keyes celebrates 29 years of sobriety 2 months ago

Author Marian Keyes celebrates 29 years of sobriety

"The most wonderful journey"

Marian Keyes is celebrating 29 years of sobriety.


The Irish author shared the news with her Twitter followers.

She said it has been a difficult process, but it has been a "wonderful journey".

Keyes said, "Hello! Today I'm TWENTY-NINE YEARS SOBER."

"Back in January 1994, I thought my life was over. But it's been the most WONDERFUL journey."


She continued, "If you're struggling with or worried about alcohol I PROMISE you that recovery is possible, that you've nothing to lose but your shame."

Fans of the bestselling author praised her for being so honest about her sobriety.

One shared, "Marian, you are an absolute inspiration! I could never imagine a life without alcohol and the day I walked into AA two and a half years ago was the best day of my life! Congratulations."

Author Emily Hourican added, "Marian, you are AMAZING. This is what people need."


Another also told the author that she helped her seek support.

"That's fantastic. You're right nothing beats sober life. After years of darkness, I found the light. Can't thank AA enough for paving the way."

"Well, I for one am delighted that you made the decision you did 29 years ago, Marian. Where would we be without the novelist Marian Keyes in our lives? Congratulations on this magnificent milestone. We all ADORE you," another shared.

The Irish writer has often opened up about suffering from alcoholism.


Fans of the author praised her for being so honest as it has helped many seek help.

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