Maura Higgins opens up about being body-shamed online 11 months ago

Maura Higgins opens up about being body-shamed online

"I get it all the time... people write: 'Go and get a boob job' or ‘You’re too skinny.’"

Maura Higgins has hit back at online trolls who tell her she's "too skinny".


The former Love Island star revealed that she tries not to let it bother her and isn't going to change to please "random people".

"I get it all the time. I get it so much," she told Fabulous Magazine. "People writing: ‘Go and get a boob job’ or, ‘You’re too skinny.’


"I can be bad for [reading the comments]. But I’ve got better. Now I’m a bit like: ‘I’m 31 – whatever.’

"Mammies do have the best advice. I tell mine everything, and I mean everything. There’s nothing I don’t tell her.

"I’ve always spoken to my mammy about it and asked: ‘Why is it OK for people to turn around to your face and say: ‘God, you’re too skinny’?

"Would you ever say to somebody: ‘God, you’re too fat’? No, you wouldn’t.”


Maura went on to say she doesn't let the nasty messages play into her insecurities.

"I don’t need a boob job, because I feel sexy with the size of my boobs. I’m not going to get one to suit what some random person tells me.


“Though if it’s going to help somebody else feel more confident [to have surgery], then work away. I would be petrified of the boob surgery anyway."

She joked: "I watch that TV show Botched all the time, which puts me off!”

The Longford native also said she's done with most cosmetic procedures for the time being, including lip filler.

"I’ve not had my lips done in two years. I’m past it now – maybe because I’m older. I don’t need help with my confidence. I don’t feel like [big] boobs make you feel sexy.

"I think confidence comes from within.”


In December 2021, Maura revealed she had signed a deal with A-List modelling agency Elite Models, leaving reality-TV behind to pursue a career on the runway.

Announcing the news on Instagram, she wrote: "Here's to new beginnings."