Maura Higgins shares update after undergoing tests for illness 4 months ago

Maura Higgins shares update after undergoing tests for illness

Maura's undergoing a series of tests to get to the bottom of a number of health issues.

Love Island star Maura Higgins has given her fans a health update after undergoing a number of medical tests.


The Longford lady had shared recently that she became very ill last month, and her illness caused her to lose a significant amount of of weight.

Now, she says she's trying to get to the bottom of it after being "in the dark".

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, she explained that a recent ultrasound revealed that she had inflammation on her bladder.

In her stories, she told followers: "I've got severe inflammation around my bladder. Like, my bladder is in flames and we don't know why."


She then explained that she is due to get more tests.

"Obviously, I have to get more tests done," she said. "But yeah, very strange."


She also had a smear test and a blood test in the process.

Maura also urged her followers to attend regular smear testing.

"Get your smear tests because it is so, so, so important and don't be scared, don't be uncomfortable," she said. She added that the healthcare professionals who carry out the tests are "used to it".

Maura's health update comes a little over a month after she shared that she had to stay in bed for three days after becoming very ill.


She was unable to cook for herself throughout her sickness, so she only ate cereal, which she said caused her to lose weight.

At the time, the Love Island star explained that she had received unkind comments about her body, but that she's getting better at ignoring them.

She added that she turns to her mother for support.

"Mammies do have the best advice," she said, in an interview with Fabulous Magazine. "I tell mine everything, and I mean everything. There’s nothing I don’t tell her."