What was on the menu for last night's Met Gala? 2 weeks ago

What was on the menu for last night's Met Gala?

You know it's gonna be fancy.

Last night's Met Gala was all about Gilded Glamour, but fashion wasn't the only thing taking inspiration from that theme.


The event's dinner menu also tried to pay homage to the elegant aesthetic of 1870 to 1890.

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson and three very talented female chefs - Lauren Von der Pool, Melissa King, and Amirah Kassem - worked together to create a menu that showcased the very best of American cooking. And it's intriguing to say the least.

“[The menu] represents very different places in American food today,” Samuelsson told Vogue.

“Amirah has the most amazing cakes. Lauren has been committed to the vegan and vegetarian food space for decades. Melissa is just an incredible chef—I've had the opportunity to eat her food on many different occasions, and I’m always so impressed with her talent.”


So what exactly did they serve up?

First up, vegan devilled eggs.

Von der Pool, who was tasked with creating the hors d'oeuvres, created the plant-based eggs, using Yukon potatoes instead of animal products. Other bites included rice cakes topped with collard greens and cucumber salsa, truffled potato bites, and coconut ceviche.


"Each hors d’oeuvre tells a story, essentially about the depth of America," she told Vogue. "I wanted to focus on the vegetables that give America it's flavour."

Next up was the first course, created by King. She served up a sushi dish: fresh hamachi, drizzled with citrus, olive and Sichuan chilli.

Her goal here was to "create a dish that embodied the beautiful mix of vibrant cultures and ethnicities of immigrants that make up the DNA of America today".


Samuelsson himself created the main course, which consisted of a barbecue striploin steak with carrots, rice, and cornbread crumble.

Dessert was perhaps the most obvious reference to the gilded age - chocolate cake with cappuccino mousse, all crafted in the shape of a dainty teacup.

Like we said, very fancy.

It looks like the food might not have hit the spot for everyone, though.


Joe Jonas later shared a picture to Instagram of himself chowing down on some pizza.

We feel you, Joe.