Molly-Mae Hague says she was a "mess" after endometriosis surgery 6 months ago

Molly-Mae Hague says she was a "mess" after endometriosis surgery

She hopes to be officially "done" with the surgeries now.

Molly-Mae Hague has given fans an update on her experience with endometriosis in a new video.


The 22-year-old has been sharing her journey with the painful condition, which sees tissue similar to the lining of the womb grow in other places.

Her recent operation was the second procedure she underwent in order to treat her condition.

In a vlog posted to her YouTube channel, Molly-Mae said: "The operation was way, way harder to go through than I thought.

"My recovery time was quite a bit longer than I had planned, and I was just a bit of a mess after that surgery."


She continued: "A lot of the things I've been talking to you guys about recently is like, my health is not great, I've been dealing with this, I've been dealing with that.

"But my endometriosis operation was the last thing now."

She then told her viewers that she hopes to be done with her treatment now.


"I am done. Hopefully I never have to see my doctor's surgery or the hospital that I go to for a long time."

Molly-Mae opened up about her experience with endometriosis for the first time earlier this year.

She initially told her fans: "I've told you guys for so long now that I suffer with excruciating periods and so many of you guys were commenting on my videos telling me to check for endometriosis."

After receiving her diagnosis, the Love Island star began documenting her journey.


She had previously spoken about the pain she suffers from with the condition.

She told her fans: "I'm literally screaming in pain, no painkiller will make me feel any better, I have to take days and days off work.

"I feel like I have literally been in a car crash after I've been on my period. It's just not normal."