Niall Horan May Be After Demi Lovato but Says He Will Wed an Irish Girl 9 years ago

Niall Horan May Be After Demi Lovato but Says He Will Wed an Irish Girl

Irish fans of Niall Horan may be in luck as the cutie revealed that he will marry an Irish girl!

The Mullingar star celebrated his 19th birthday in his hometown yesterday when he teed off at the Irish Autism Action Golf Classic but he couldn’t resist speaking about matters of the heart.


According to reports, Niall said he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend right now and he couldn’t laze around on his days off if he had a woman on his arm.

“Travelling around the world and all the promo that we do – it doesn’t leave much time for a girlfriend.

Niall and his One Direction band mates after winning an MTV VMA


“I’m not like the others. When I have time off, all I want to do is nothing. I just sit on the couch – like I’ve done for the past three or four days in London.

“I only left the house once to go and buy a bottle of water. I just sat there, playing my guitar, putting my feet on the table and watching TV.

“That’s what I do with my time off, while the other boys like to get out. But because our lives are running at 1000 miles an hour I try to bring it back down.

“I try to see my friends but that’s easier to do than go out with a girlfriend. I couldn’t be bothered and it’s pure laziness on my part."


Niall said that although he doesn’t want a girlfriend right now, he hopes to settle down with an Irish girl in the future.

Niall is rumoured to be seeing X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato

“My aim is to marry an Irish girl – I’d love to. I’d love to live back in Ireland if it ever slows. I’d love to get a house and just settle down.


“If I could work from here I would. I’d live round here with her in Mullingar – I’d never live anywhere else.”

Rumours have surfaced in the past week suggesting that Niall is seeing X Factor USA judge and former Disney Channel star Demi Lovato but he revealed that the too are just friends.

“Demi is really cool and we’re really good friends. She’s very like me – she’s carefree and relaxed. It shocks me that we’re constantly called lovers.

“If you Google one of our names, every story is just about me an her.

“I laugh at these things. Simon calling her too pure to date me is Simon being himself. He’s such a sneer."


One Direction has made it big, breaking into the tough American market and even picking up a MTV VMA last week but Niall said none of the boys expected the success.

“Breaking the US was a huge shock for us, and to do it so quickly was unreal. We just saw a gap and never thought it was going to end up like this.

Niall goes in for a kiss at the MTV VMA's last week after winning a gong

“But we just said we have to give it a go sometime so let’s roll with it while we have a strong single and album and feel confident we might do something. Then online, the word spread. The buzz around us has gotten bigger and what’s happening out there has been crazy.

Homebird Niall said his friends find his fame funny.

“It’s odd for my friends to see how big I’ve become. They find it strange, but at the same time they find it exciting.

“They do find it strange. I was on Skype to my friend the other night and Justin Bieber was with me. They were loving it.”