People think Gemma Collins is going to show up in EastEnders 2 years ago

People think Gemma Collins is going to show up in EastEnders


2017 has certainly been quite a year for Gemma Collins.

She's fallen down a trap door, she's launched a stunning plus size Boohoo collection, and she's delivered her own Queen's speech.

The woman's even been turned into a full-blown meme for God's sake.


Now, however, people think Gemma might have another new gig up her sleeve... in the form of literally being on EastEnders. 

If only.

It also started when the TOWIE star took to Instagram to share some footage of herself from her Boohoo promo shoot looped with the iconic EastEnders outro music with the caption "she's coming."

Then, the next day, Gemma shared the same video announcing her 30 percent off sale.


Now, despite the fact that Gemma literally said that she was launched a 30 percent off sale, people remained adamant that the star was hinting at her latest project.

Eg: showing up to Albert Square and showing everyone in the Vic how it's really done.

"EastEnders??" wrote one user, inquisitively.

"She's hitting EastEnders," said another, fairly confident in his assertion.

Although we're pretty sure that Gemma is, in fact, not hitting EastEnders anytime soon, we still can't blame these people for dreaming and for hoping.

It would be sensational, after all.