Stephanie Davis shares video of herself in labour in emotional post 4 years ago

Stephanie Davis shares video of herself in labour in emotional post

Stephanie Davis has shared a video and some pictures of herself while she was in labour with her firstborn, Caben.

The mum took to Instagram yesterday to post the footage because she felt it was the "right time to do so."


She called the birthing experience "the scariest but most amazing" thing she had ever done.

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In the post's caption, Stephanie wrote that even though her pregnancy was "tough," meeting her son at the end of it made it all worth it.


She said:

"I could never imagine my life without him.

"My best friend in the whole wide world arrived, and now it's nearly a YEAR since he was born!! It's flown SO fast!"

Stephanie recently split from boyfriend Jeremy McConnell after a string of domestic violence incidents.


Jeremy received a suspended sentence for his attacks on Stephanie and has since begun a new relationship.

According to Stephanie, he has not tried to see his son, Caben.

"It's been me and Caben from the beginning and he will always be my one love.

"(...) He truly is my best friend and my little prince I may not know what it's like to sleep anymore, brush my hair have a hot cup of tea or eat properly or have just ONE minute to my self haha but I wouldn't change it for the WORLD!"

The mum also shared a few photo of herself and her son after he was born.


Stephanie also said she can't wait to see what a "beautiful caring chap" her son turns into.