Rosanna Davison invites Ukrainian surrogate to come live with her 1 year ago

Rosanna Davison invites Ukrainian surrogate to come live with her

Rosanna's daughter was born via surrogate in 2019.

With the current turmoil in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, many Irish people are being asked to take in Ukrainian families fleeing the conflict.


Many households have already agreed to take in Ukrainian families due to arrive in Ireland, among them Rosanna Davison who has invited her Ukrainian surrogate to come and live with her.

Yesterday Irish Families Through Surrogacy shared an article from the Irish Examiner discussing Irish families bringing Ukrainian surrogates to Ireland.

After seeing the post Davison, whose daughter was born via surrogate in 2019, reposted the screenshot, along with the caption: "This is great Irish Families Through Surrogacy. I've also invited our Ukrainian surrogate to come to Ireland and live with us."


Davison has always been very open and honest about her surrogacy journey in an effort to help and support other Irish parents also having children via surrogacy.

Rosanna shared other posts this week in support of the people of Ukraine including one on how people in Ireland can help. "#istandwithukraine in solidarity and support," she said.

"If you’d like to help the people of #Ukraine by donating what you can, here’s a list of organisations providing crisis support. Please share any others you know of."

Davison also recently stated that the people of Ukraine, and especially surrogate mothers, are never far from her thoughts: "Thoughts are with the parents through surrogacy, the surrogate mothers, their families and all affected by the current situation in Ukraine."


Many Ukrainian families are due to start arriving in Ireland in the coming weeks.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has confirmed that Ukrainians travelling to Ireland fleeing the conflict will receive special refugee status and will be entitled to live and work in Ireland as EU citizens.