Royal aide on the reason behind Prince Harry and Prince William's royal household split 2 years ago

Royal aide on the reason behind Prince Harry and Prince William's royal household split

The news was announced earlier this week.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have officially split their royal households from Kate Middleton and Prince William.


At the time, there was plenty of speculation that the move was because of a rumoured feud, with both Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, said to have fallen out.

However, royal aide Dickie Arbiter told The Sun that the move was "always on the cards" and not "a case of if, but when."

He said:

“The fact Harry and Meghan are moving from Kensington Palace, it makes sense to move their team too.

“There isn’t anything sinister about it, it’s just two men evolving into their roles.

“William is taking on more responsibilities from his father, while Prince Charles is taking on more responsibilities from the Queen.

“Both of them have the same interests but they also have different interests so it makes sense to have separate offices.

“Harry is involved with Invictus Games and is into rehabilitation for ex-servicemen which is something William doesn’t do. So it makes sense for Harry to set up his own office.

“It’s not a relegation, you can’t relegate a prince. It’s certainly not a lesser role as Prince Harry is in support of the Queen on major occasions like on Commonwealth Day and Remembrance Day.”


He also addressed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's upcoming move out of Kensington Palace, insisting it had more to do with their expanding family rather than any rift.

He continued:

“Harry has made the decision to more to Frogmore – again nothing sinister about that - there just isn’t the room at Kensington Palace.

“Nottingham Cottage is very small, it has two bedrooms and two rooms downstairs and no outside space, so there isn’t room to move.

“If you are having a family it makes sense to move somewhere bigger. Frogmore Cottage came up and they jumped at it. It has space and security and is only 20 miles down the road.

“Harry was very much in his comfort zone before he was married. Now he’s married and will be a dad, he’s developed his own comfort zone with his wife. People grow up and families don’t live in each other’s pockets.

“Just because Harry is moving house and moving offices doesn’t mean it will destroy a relationship. William and Harry have been through a lot together. You can’t remove that from them.”