Shirley Ballas shares update after getting lump checked 1 month ago

Shirley Ballas shares update after getting lump checked

The choreographer will be getting blood tests done tomorrow.

Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas has given fans an update on her health following her doctor's appointment to get a lump checked.


The choreographer sought medical attention after several fans noticed that she had what looked like a lump on her underarm during the show.

In a video on Instagram, Ballas explained that she went to her doctor for an exam, and while the doctor couldn't find a lump, she noted that she did see something when she raised her arm.

The judge went on to say that while at the doctor's, they discovered that her hormones are "all over the place", and added that it is "always worth checking".

She said: "We will be going to the hospital on Friday morning, my friend's taking me, and we will do all bloodwork, we're going to check kidneys, we're going to check this, we're going to check that, and all this. Not to alarm anyone, but yes I will be having a little bit of an over-haul as they say!"

She added: "But to all the kind ladies who reached out to me, and sent me those messages out of concern, and love from the heart, I do love you.


"I love all my fans dearly, and you're super, super sweet. Thank you. And to all the women out there, get checked, keep checking yourself, it's important, don't put anything off."

Captioning her video, Shirley wrote: "Dear All thank you so much for making me aware of a lump you all saw under my arm.

"I am so grateful to have so many beautiful kind caring humans looking out for me."

She continued: "I will be popping to the hospital Friday for full blood work. Hormones could be the reason for exhaustion, sleepless nights and a few more things going on."

Shirley then shared that she was "so happy" to have gone for a check up, writing: "Ladies let me know how your hormones are ? Do you self check? Hugs to all."