Stop everything because Girls Aloud could be getting back together 4 years ago

Stop everything because Girls Aloud could be getting back together

Name a song better than Girls Aloud's Biology. 

Don't even bother trying because you won't be able to.


The lyrics. The video. The distinct avoidance of the traditional verse-chorus format.

Everything about Biology is sheer perfection and we won't have it slandered.

In fact, we won't have any of Girls Aloud's song slandered. Biology, along with tracks such as The Promise, Untouchable, and Call The Shots will forever be etched in our minds as iconic works of audio-based art.


That's why when we heard that there was a chance that Girls Aloud might be reforming, we weren't just delighted - we were very delighted.

Well, there's a chance that they could be reforming according to Louis Walsh, so who knows, but we're definitely inclined to take his word for it.

The manager told The Sun that he believed Nadine, Cheryl, Nicola, Kimberley, and Sarah would reform for a reunion tour despite having said that their ten-year anniversary tour in 2013 would be their last time together on stage.

He said:


 “There would be a huge market for a Girls Aloud reunion.

“They need to delay it for a while but they had great songs, brilliant, brilliant songs - some of the best songs for a long time. And they all look good.”

And that's all that matters at the end of the day, isn't it?

Louis went on to say that if they did get back together, all five of them would need to be there.


“It needs to be the five of them. They’d do really, really well. If BANANARAMA could do it, why can’t Girls Aloud do it?” he said.

But despite being adamant that the girls are going to get back together, Louis said that he wouldn't be up for managing them again.

“No, no, no - that would be too tough.

“It’s different with Westlife, as we understand each other and I’ve never had a row with any of them. Girls are too much trouble.”

Right, so.