Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard "really proud" of Noah Schnapp for coming out 1 month ago

Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard "really proud" of Noah Schnapp for coming out

"I was just really proud of him."

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has reaffirmed his support for his co-star Noah Schnapp, who came out as gay recently.


Noah told fans he was gay with a TikTok.

In the video, he lip-syncs along to a popular TikTok sound while the on-screen caption reads: "When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was 'we know''.

The post caption referred to his on-screen character Will Byers, who has feelings for Finn's character Mike Wheeler.

At the time, Noah was met with support from a number of his co-stars, while Finn recently reiterated his support.


In an interview with GQ, he recalled the moment Noah came out to his fans.

"When I saw it, I just had a big smile on my face. I was just really proud of him," he said.

He also spoke about his bond with his co-stars and said that while they may not all see each other as frequently as they'd like, they are all still close.

"We’ll talk on each other’s birthdays. We’ll talk once in a while. But in the same way that family works, if I ever needed anything, they’re there," he said.


Other celebrities who congratulated Finn on his coming out included James Charles, Liza Koshy and Kimya Dawson.

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