Suzanne Jackson returns home from Portugal to look after sick dog 4 months ago

Suzanne Jackson returns home from Portugal to look after sick dog

Suzanne shared a snap of her dog Coco earlier this morning.

Irish beauty blogger and entrepreneur Suzanne Jackson has returned to Ireland as one of her dogs is unwell.


Jackson, who recently relocated to Portugal, told her followers that she was back in Dublin in order to take care of Coco this morning.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "Woke in Ireland. Unfortunately Coco hasn't been well, so that delayed us bringing the dogs to Portugal. She's not well again, so I came home for a bit."

Jackson added that she'll chat to her followers later to give more of an update.

Earlier this year, Jackson announced that she had moved to Portugal with her husband Dylan O'Connor. She subsequently added that the relocation would be temporary, and that the couple would divide their time between Ireland and Portugal.

"We’re going to be living here a couple of months of the year, a couple of months in Ireland," Jackson said.


"It is looking very exciting for myself and Dylan to be out here for potentially six months of the year, six months of the year in Ireland. That’s what we’re looking at.

"We haven’t decided on the exact length of time. But we’re definitely here for the rest of the summer."

She added: "Obviously, I have work commitments, including TV and SOSUbySJ."

When asked about her three dogs - Coco, Harper and Pixie - Jackson said that they had to ensure that their Portugal home was dog-friendly before they could bring them over.

"We have to make sure that the house was doggie proof, in the sense that they couldn’t escape," she explained. "We had to get all the gardens boxed off to make sure they couldn’t get out anywhere."


In the summer of 2018, Suzanne and Dylan bought a €1.8 million mansion in Malahide.