Taylor Swift's fans are annoyed at Kim Kardashian.... again 4 years ago

Taylor Swift's fans are annoyed at Kim Kardashian.... again

Rats out.

It's been a long time since Kanye West's highly controversial video for Famous dropped.


Before it did, it's probably safe to say that everybody thought the lyrics of the song itself were going to be enough to piss off Taylor Swift's fans, seeing as it made references to the (debatable) fact that Kayne "made that bitch famous."

But no, it was actually the video for the song that caused most of the commotion and, seeing as it featured Kanye, Kim, Taylor, Trump, and a host of other celebs naked in bed, we can see why T Swift's fans had an issue with it.

It's been a long time now since the Famous video dropped so you'd think that the whole thing would be said and done with.


Well, you'd be wrong.

Last night, Kim took to Instagram to share a photo of herself at the Famous shoot and, of course, the naked Taylor mannequin makes an appearance in the photo.

The Swifties (yes, that is what they call themselves) were understandably shocked and appalled so they decided to commandeer Kim's comment section by posting a load of rats.

This alluded to the fact that Kim once called Taylor a snake, and snakes eat rats, so by doing this they are essentially admitting that Taylor is a snake and that she consumes rats, or in this case, Kim.


A lot to take in, we know.

Still though, Kim's photo received over 1,00,000 likes so we can probably go ahead and assume that she did not lose any sleep over the abundance of rats in her mentions.