TikToker calls Indiyah his "wife" in front of Dami in viral video 1 month ago

TikToker calls Indiyah his "wife" in front of Dami in viral video

"Your little what?"

A Love Island fan has found themselves in quite the pickle after meeting Dami Hope and Indiyah Pollack.


The couple finished in third place and have naturally been meeting a lot of fans as they've left the villa, but the reaction this fan got seems to have been a lot different than others who have met them.

While bumping into the two on the street this week, the TikToker made a comment that referred to Indiyah as his "little wife", and Dami's reaction can only be described as similar to when Indiyah called him Deji.

The TikToker who goes by @pocketsfullsz can be seen filming in selfie mode when he shows who he's with, alongside the caption: "Bumped into Dami and my wife Indiyah."

But when he actually refers to Indiyah as his wife to her face, Dami's mood switches from normal and chill - or at least appears to for the purpose of the video.


He says: "What you saying, you alright bro?"

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As Indiyah scrunched her nose, Dami adds: "Your little what?!"

The fan then replies: "Sorry, sorry sorry!"


Captioning the video: "U miss 100% of the opportunities u don’t take," it has garnered a lot of views and comments.

One person wrote: "In front of Dami???? You tried it!"

Another said: "Lmao how is this real? Dami was ready to square up."

In a follow up video, the TikToker revealed that Dami actually ended up making light of the situation afterwards.


"Obviously I’m a bit buzzed right now, I see a couple of guys crying about that Dami video. Let me explain it," he explained.

"No it was not staged, I went up to them and I asked if I could take a quick video. I was busting jokes with them, and they said yeah, so I took it, I said what I said."

"Why? ‘Cause it’s a joke," he continued.

"After the video he’s laughing with me. Why was he laughing with me? Because it was a joke."