Tinder to the Rescue for Lovelorn Celebrities: New Rules Prove Profile ID 7 years ago

Tinder to the Rescue for Lovelorn Celebrities: New Rules Prove Profile ID

Unless you've been hiding under a rock and as a result have been deprived of our Shifty First Dates feature, you'll know Tinder is THE place to turn to when looking for love.

Sliding through that photo gallery can be like a game of Guess Who? gone wrong, with each candidate as likely to win you over as picking a prospective date from a Garda line-up. There is the odd exception to the rule though, and as well as some men we could see ourselves actually dating flashing before our eyes, there's been an influx of celebrities using the app to bag themselves a date.


Rumoured celebrity Tinder fans include Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson following her break-up with co-star Andy Jordan, the ever-busy in love Lindsay Lohan, singer Josh Groban and comedian Jamie Kennedy. So how will you know if you can believe everything you read on the internet?

The app is arming itself with a new sign-in technique, aimed at beating the Facebook log-in challenges posed by potential fake accounts. The new verification will also help celebrities who are using the social media giant under a fake name to access the app and land that hook-up.

Speaking on the upcoming plans, Tinder CEO Sean Rad says:

"Tinder gives them the control to filter through the noise and communicate with people they want to know.'

The app is now matching 5 million people per day, and users are swiping through 750 million profiles a day, its founder has revealed. Rad claims the app's success is down to it being 'like the real world but better'.