Tom Hanks has gotten it totally wrong about Irish people 11 months ago

Tom Hanks has gotten it totally wrong about Irish people

Whatever you say, Tom.

There are plenty of common misconceptions about Irish people.

That we live for Paddy's Day.

That our rampant levels of alcoholism are a complete joke.

That we all dress in green constantly and run around looking for pots of gold.

The list goes on.

However, Tom Hanks thinks he's discovered another trait that apparently all Irish people have and we have to say, he's definitely incorrect.

... Because he thinks that Irish people don't steal pint glasses from pubs and he is absolutely wrong.

Speaking on the Ryan Tubridy Show on Radio 1, Hanks said that he was staying in Wexford while filming Saving Private Ryan and that one night, he went out to a local pub.

The star was amazed that the next morning, a load of pint glasses were still present outside of the pub "waiting to be collected."

He said:

"The next morning, just as the sun was coming up, we passed the same pub, and there on all the benches and all the ledges outside the pub were the pint glasses that had been drunk and were waiting to be collected.

"I thought: In Ireland they don’t steal the pint glasses. They can actually finish them and set them there.

"This would never have happened in the United States of America."

Hanks also told Tubridy that he would definitely be up for returning to Ireland as long as there were pints going.

Sound, Tom.

There deffo will be.