The Wanted announce their comeback to support Tom after tumour diagnosis 1 year ago

The Wanted announce their comeback to support Tom after tumour diagnosis

They're making a comeback.

The Wanted has announced that they're making a comeback, seven years after going their separate ways.


Bandmate Tom Parker revealed last year that he was living with a brain tumour. With the heartbreaking news breaking, the rest of the band rallied around him, all revealing they had been by his side for months prior to the world finding out.

Despite the tragic circumstances, the boys delighted fans today as they announced a new single they secretly recorded, with a hilarious teaser video to go alongside it.


Along with this, they revealed that they'll be releasing a greatest hits album at the end of this month, and are set to perform together for the first time in years at Tom's Stand Up To Cancer concert next week.

Speaking to The Sun, Tom said: "It feels amazing, it is quite nice to be able to do something that is not related to treatment, it is like nothing has ever changed."

Nathan added: "It is really good, we are really excited.

"It was really nice doing it in the studio, Jay and Siva recorded in the US and us three recorded it over here. It is lovely being back together."


The teaser video released had fans in stitches as they announced the news, seeing the brighter side of the situation.

All bumping into each other at A&E, each member claims to have something wrong with them like broken arms and fingernails hanging off, claiming that it "doesn't get much worse than that."


Seeing the funny side, the camera zooms into Tom's face as he clearly doesn't know what to say as a reply. But while he has them all together, Tom asks if they want to get back together, an offer no one can refuse.

The band rose to fame in 201o with hits like All Time Low and Glad You Came, making it in the UK and over in the States, but split in 2014.

Tom revealed earlier this year that his tumour was "significantly reduced" and was continuing treatment. This concert at the Royal Albert Hall is a part of his Channel 4 documentary for Stand Up To Cancer.