The cheek! Wait until you hear Liam's nickname for Cheryl 3 years ago

The cheek! Wait until you hear Liam's nickname for Cheryl


Rumours of a rift between Liam Payne and Cheryl began a couple of months ago although the couple's loved-up appearance at the Brits shut down the majority of those reports.


They tend to stay away from the limelight and have kept their one-year-old son Bear out of the public eye since his birth.

However, Liam sometimes shares snippets into their personal lives during interviews and the latest one revealed a nickname he has for Cheryl.


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In an interview with Capital North East, Liam chatted about how the couple could possibly perform together at a venue in Newcastle.

The transcript of the interview appeared on a Twitter account for the pair, entitled Cheriam News, and you'll see that Liam reportedly referred to the mother of his child as 'old Chezza'.

"I used to perform in car parks and old people's homes when I was younger. I did a lot of crazy different gigs, so I am more than up for bringing Chezza down.

Can't call her old Chezza, she will absolutely kill me".


We can't imagine Cheryl is too happy with the nickname although it's probably an in-joke between the pair (at least we hope).

Apparently, it's not the first time Liam used the term either as reports say he also called his partner 'old Chezza' during an interview with Daily Motion.

According to reports, the singer said that Cheryl often helps him out with music video edits because well, 'she's got a good eye... old Chezza'.


As fans of Cheryl and Liam will know, there's a ten year age gap between the pair. Liam is 24 while Cheryl is 34 and news of their relationship first came to light in February 2016.

Date night ?

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