Wes Nelson signs a contract to Megan basically telling her 'I'm loyal babe' 3 months ago

Wes Nelson signs a contract to Megan basically telling her 'I'm loyal babe'

We can't handle the drama.

There were suggestions last week that there could have been trouble in paradise when Megan Barton Hanson infamously uploaded and then deleted a scathing Instagram that claimed Wes' professional skate partner Vanessa Bauer's split from boyfriend Louis Nathaniel was "tactical", later stating she had "zero respect" for Megan.

Megan appeared on Loose Women to give her side of the story and allegedly she and Vanessa were in the process of smoothing things out.

Well, even if the two women have sorted their differences, perhaps Megan is still unsure of Wes' loyalty. *Cue legal contract, obviously.

The messers over in Capital FM, who previously convinced Dani Dyer into announcing a fake engagement with Jack have only gone and stirred the pot once again by getting Wes to sign a contract to reassure his girlfriend.

Host, Ronan Kemp suggested to Wes that he sign a contract live on air, which read:

"Wes Nelson, known as ‘first party’, agrees to enter into this contract with Roman Kemp. This agreement is based on the following provisions: 1. Vanessa Bauer remains as just a friend and Wes’ Dancing On Ice partner. 2. Megan Barton Hanson stays as the one Wes loves. Should the provision be met, the First Party will: Be referred to as more loyal than Georgia Steel."


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The actual madness of it!