10 signs that your Gilmore Girls binge has gone way too far 3 years ago

10 signs that your Gilmore Girls binge has gone way too far

So with the reboot of Gilmore Girls making its way slowly (SO SLOWLY) to Netflix later this year, I have intensified my usual Gilmore Girls watching to new levels of sad.

I used to be a recreational watcher, re-watching two or three (maybe four) seasons over the course of a year – that's normal, right? In my defense, I mostly watched on hangover days. However since the reboot was announced, I've embarked on an epic all-seven-series'-from-the-start re-watch. I've also discovered that I am not alone in this obsession. Once the reboot was announced, I realised there're literally thousands of us Gilmore Nerds out there. But when does healthy obsession tip into borderline mania? I've helpfully compiled a list...

Here're 10 Signs That You Have Gone Way Too Deep on Gilmore Girls:

You've often wondered where Lane's dad is? Gilmore Nerds will know that in earlier series she frequently referred to her "parents" but ne'er a sign of the elusive Mr. Kim. Did Mrs. Kim keep him locked up in an antique sideboard?


You spotted that Jesse's dad's girlfriend Sasha reappeared in later episodes as Luke's baby mama, Anna Nardini. What the??? Luckily she's Sherilynn Fenn previously of Twin Peaks – a spunky lady, so we'll tolerate the double jobbing.


You know that Kirk's body was kind of weird. We love, him but there was something a little unusual about the chest area. Don't get me wrong I still definitely would, but it's just something I've often thought about. Kirk's naked body. Yes I've taken this thing way too far.

You are adamant that everyone BRILLIANT got their start on Gilmore Girls. This means that as Gilmore Nerds we can smugly claim to have "discovered" everyone from Melissa McCarthy to Liza Weil (pre Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder) and Matt Czuchry (pre The Good Wife) to Krysten Ritter (pre Breaking Bad and Jessica Jones).


You have never recovered from the fact that a proposed spin off series based on Jesse in California never saw the light of day. Devo. Jesse 4Eva.


You've gone on DEEP googles of the millions of pop culture references that littered the show. It's how you learned about such important cultural figures as Big Edie and Little Edie of Grey Gardens; Arcade Fire (PRE Neon Bible) and The Donna Reed Show.


A true Gilmore Nerd would also know that this quote is talking about the Donna Reed Show. Impressed with my encyclopedic knowledge of this niche subject? I thought so.

You know that everyone cool in music graced Stars Hollow. Hello... Yo La Goddamn Tengo were there at one point.

You're disdainful of late adopters. Since the Gilmore Revival exploded on to the cultural landscape, we're coming across loads of Gilmore Girls "Fans" but they have nothing of our dedication. How many times have THEY rewatched all seven series' back to back? They don't even know how many jobs Kirk has held during the show's run (43). For Eff's sake, they don't even know that Kirk wasn't always Kirk, that in early episodes before he was Kirk he was Mick the DSL installer and another un-named Swan delivery man. *Draws breath* Just saying'.

You're tired of the Jess/Dean/Logan debate because *HELLO!* Tristan should have had a better outing. And don't get me started on Dave Rygalski.

The fabled four final words that the show's creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted to conclude the series with is a mystery that consumes you to this day… anyone? Is this just me? I recognise that I really need to move on at this point. After November of course.