10 Things 90s kids will remember about Charmed 5 years ago

10 Things 90s kids will remember about Charmed

Charmed was the best show ever. EVER.

The story was truly inspirational – sisters living in a huge gaff who kicked ass every single day.


They were stylish, sassy, strong and sexy and most importantly SUPER POWERFUL. It’s important not to forget the legacy of the Halliwell sisters so I’ve compiled a list of the absolute best parts.

1. Everyone will remember the absolute BANGER of a theme tune.

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I wonder is Morrissey a fan?

2. Prue from the earlier series was.. a bit of a dry bitch.

She was ALWAYS giving out or whingeing about something. You're a witch, like LIVE A LITTLE.

3. Phoebe had the most UNREAL style.

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Phoebe was the karate queen, and her physical strength was reflected in her personality too.


She was a big fan of crop tops (flattering her killer abs), ever-changing hairstyles and piercings.

4. Piper was essentially the mum figure of the family.

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She was able to vanquish demons with just a flourish of her wrists, but her real power was advising and comforting her younger sisters on love, life, and other pursuits.

5. Charmed was always shown on TV3 at 9pm on Friday, so not all of us were allowed to stay up to watch it.

I can recall many fights Charmed caused between me and my mum because she wouldn't let me stay up. Not fair.


6. Leo and Piper were couple GOALS.

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Her natural maternal skills matched with his protective skills as a 'white lighter' angel ensured that they always had something in common.

6. The nightclub, P3, the Halliwell's owned looked absolutely DEADLY.


Not just full-time witches, the Halliwell sisters were entrepreneurs.

They owned a largely successful nightclub, P3. They had the creme de la creme of the 90s and 00s bands.

Top musicians played every episode, including huge acts such as The Cranberries, The Flaming Lips, Smash Mouth and The Goo Goo Dolls.

We NEED a P3 in Dublin ASAP.


7. The Halliwell manor was definitely purchased in the boom.

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Their gaff was HUGE!

We're talking a 4/5 bedroom detached mansion in central San Francisco. That would definitely go for a pretty penny these days.

8. The Book of Shadows was NOT to be messed with.

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The Book of Shadows was kind of like the phone directory book for the Halliwell sisters.

They could defeat any monster, troll, werewolf - you name it, the Book of Shadows had a spell to get rid of it.

The Book of Shadows had spells, recipes for potions and guides for what categories certain demons belonged to. Handy enough.

9. The Cole/Phoebe storyline broke all our hearts.

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Phoebe was always a sensitive, loving soul longing for a stable life outside of the Halliwell mansion, while Cole could never leave his demonic underworld roots. Poor Phoebs.

10. The introduction of Paige, the 4th sister (to replace Prue) was a more than welcome addition.

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Wannabe social worker Paige was a half-sister to Phoebe and Piper but was welcomed into the Halliwell troupe after a few little kinks were ironed out.

She was sassy, confident and not afraid to speak her mind. (I may or may not have WORSHIPPED the ground she walked on.)

Being half white lighter meant her special talent was 'orbing' which was so nifty, going from A to B in San Fran in seconds. We could all do with an orb or two in the morning, commuting to work.

*Seriously considers changing surname to Halliwell*

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