6 key reasons why The Great British Bake Off's Rahul is absolute perfection 2 years ago

6 key reasons why The Great British Bake Off's Rahul is absolute perfection

Bless him.

#GBBO's been back only three weeks and already we've seen under baked bottoms, double handshakes, and Paul Hollywood decide on his own personal winner (Ruby, for obvious Paul Hollywood-related reasons).


Who's to judge though because we've also already secured our favourite contestant of the series - none other than the beautiful, the precious, the ridiculously talented Rahul.

Here are six key reasons why he is the greatest thing to have ever graced that pop up tent and, essentially, The Man.

1. He bakes to make friends 


During this week's episode, Rahul divulged a piece of information that very likely broke the hearts of thousands of viewers across the nation - he bakes to make friends.

Why doesn't Rahul have friends already?


Who are these people not being Rahul's friend only for the promise of baked goods? Show yourselves. You are not good enough for this world.

2. He accepts compliments in the most awkward way possible 

Essentially just by ignoring them.

Rahul could be told that he'd just won an all expenses paid trip to Ibiza (the nice part) and been named Heat magazine's Torso of the Week - he'd still just look away and probably apologise or something.


Never apologise, Rahul.

You don't need to.

3. His face looks like this 


Enough said.

4. He is so humble 

Pay Rahul a compliment and he will stutter bashfully, look down, and slowly back away from the situation as if you've just told him that you were going to waterboard his entire family.

Often times, this reaction can be frustrating.


You find yourself screaming at the TV, begging Rahul to take credit, urging him to take a step back and finally recognise how good he is at baking.

He won't though.

He could never.

5. His Paul handshake acceptance was the most beautiful moment to ever grace our television sets

He was so happy. It was so pure.

Nothing can top this moment.


6. He Skypes his family every day

And they give out to him for having stubble.

It's a whole thing.