4 revelations Prince Harry is bound to make in his new tell-all book 1 year ago

4 revelations Prince Harry is bound to make in his new tell-all book

We are dying to know all.

Prince Harry has announced that he's writing a tell all book, but amidst all the incredible gossip we're bound to get from it, there's a few things we're almost certain will be revealed.


The book won't be released until next year, but without a shadow of a doubt, we're in for a treat regardless of what he writes about.

So we decided that we'd come up with a few things we can almost guarantee the Duke of Sussex will reveal in the autobiography.

Who made the comment about Archie's skin


Speaking to Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, Meghan Markle and Harry revealed that there was a certain royal family member that made a comment when Meghan was pregnant on Archie, concerned about how dark his skin would be.

Clearing up off camera that it wasn't either the Queen or Prince Phillip, many jumped to the conclusion that it had to be either Prince Charles or Prince William.

While Harry might not want to give away the exact person who said it, after all they are still family, he may give us more of an indication of who it was and hint towards someone specific.

What life in the military was really like


It's no secret that Prince Harry was once a military man, and he's already revealed in both interviews and the announcement of the book that he'll be talking about his time there.

And while we know little bits about his time there, he's sure to go into a lot more detail, giving us the horrors he witnessed and the hardships he had to go through while there.

And if we're lucky, we might even get his inside thoughts on that meme of him running away from an interview while stationed abroad.


What happened when he and Meghan revealed they were stepping down

Meghan Markle pregnant

We're all dying to know the inside gossip, and a first hand account of the reactions given when they revealed this shocking news is all we ask.

He's definitely going to discuss this time in his life, there's no doubt, so we'd be very surprised if he didn't even slightly tell us how his father or even his grandmother reacted when he revealed they were stepping down.

We just need to know even the smallest detail here.


That convo he had with William at Phillip's funeral

When Prince Phillip passed away earlier this year, Harry rushed back to the UK to attend his grandfather's funeral.

While there, he obviously had to come face to face with his brother William, and tensions were higher than they'd ever been.

Not only with his brother, but his dad too, so he's bound to go into some detail about this experience. Even if it is only mentioning the funeral, he'll definitely make some type of comment about this interaction.