9 thoughts I had while bingeing Misfits for the first time 2 weeks ago

9 thoughts I had while bingeing Misfits for the first time

Misfits is on Netflix now.

Just in case you weren't aware.

The iconic and cult E4 show launched all the way back in 2009, and since then it has amassed a considerably large following of people who enjoy superhero shows about young offenders where all the powers are shit.

Well, some of them are alright. But that milk guy? Christ.

Anyway, being one of the maybe 15 people between the ages of 22 and 40 who had yet to delve into Misfits, I saw my chance when it finally, after all these years, landed on Netflix.

Five seasons. 37 episodes. And lots of thoughts.

Here's nine of them.

1. Robert's Sheehan's character is painfully irritating 

And yet, somehow still the best thing about the show.

"Shut up," I groan, as he launches into yet another monologue about how horny he is or how he's being forced to live in a community centre but it's okay because at least he gets to spy on girls getting changed.

"But don't leave," I mutter, as the show cuts to Simon awkwardly disappearing for the eighth time that episode.

2. I will never skip this opening credits scene 

The Rapture are my new favourite band, cheers.

3. Simon's kind of a ride? 

I will not be shamed for having a type. Not any more. And no I haven't seen that episode of Game of Thrones, what're you talking about?

4. What filter is this?

Misfits came out in 2009, right. So it's to be expected that much of the series is going to be dripping in late noughties sarcasm, unnecessary sexual innuendo, and over-exposed filters.

And it is. This show couldn't be made today. And not just because of Alisha's entirely questionable power, but because of the intense level of contrast/blur they've used on every single shot.

5. No one quite rocks an orange jumpsuit like Antonia Thomas

The power of a high-waisted belt and some hoops knows no bounds.

6. I miss Robert Sheehan 

Nathan: you either love him or you hate him. And in this case, you miss him - because he was done dirty with that exit storyline.

And his replacement is, eh, just not the same.

7. Can they start killing probation workers again or? 

The good ol' days, honestly.

8. Okay confirmed: Simon is a massive ride 

I fucking told you, didn't I???

Simon is a massive ride, as has been confirmed by season two and also Iwan Rheon's general existence.

Honestly, it's incredible what confidence and a bit of hair gel can do for a guy.

9. I miss everything I used to love about this show 

Listen lads, seasons one and two of Misfits are incredible. Five stars. Brilliant. Would watch over and over again until the day I die.

After that though, things get a little messy. Like I'm-gonna-have-this-on-in-the-background-while-I-clean-the-bathroom-instead-of-actually-paying-attention messy.

Rudy is a decent addition but he is no replacement. A sharpness has been lost. The original cast are dropping like flies and there's nothing I can do about it... except continue watching until the bitter end.

Join me, won't you?