WATCH: Adele surprises London nightclub with some unreal pole dancing 1 year ago

WATCH: Adele surprises London nightclub with some unreal pole dancing

Adele: A true queen.

Picture the scene - you're out in the club, you're having a good time, you're pounding wine and you look across the room.


Suddenly, you see her. A vision in beige, dancing on the balcony - it's Adele and she's about to storm the HEAVEN stage.

That's what went down last night at the London gay club when the Rolling in the Deep singer was enjoying a drag show and decided she wanted in on the action.

Donning a beige suit and at least 10 times more skill than I would ever have while on a night out in London, the singer was invited to the stage by Cheryl Hole where she took it upon herself to take to the pole and bust out a dance that pretty much no one in the crowd was expecting.

You can check out the video, in all its iconography, below:


Incredible, through and through.

Cheryl, who appeared on the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, later took to social media to express her surprise and delight that Adele was attending her gig, and that she even joined her on stage.


She also said that Adele was also devastated by her recent elimination from Drag Race: UK versus the World, which we fully believe.

Adele picked up an impressive three major Brit Awards for her 2021 album 30 at the London ceremony earlier this week.


Upon receiving the Artist of the Year prize, Adele referenced the Brits' decision to be more inclusive by removing gendered categories by saying: “I understand why this has changed, but I really love being a woman and a female artist.”

Adele performed her stunning track, I Drink Wine, during the ceremony. She also picked up awards for Best Song with Easy On Me, and Album of the Year.