Amber and Greg have shared their first 'bed selfie' and they look SO loved up 2 years ago

Amber and Greg have shared their first 'bed selfie' and they look SO loved up


So, on Monday night, Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill were named the winners of Love Island.


And obviously, the entire country cheered for the Limerick man.

In fairness, he did us very proud (as did QUEEN Maura Higgins, in fairness!)

During the final episode, Greg read a poem that he wrote for Amber: "I'm going to keep this short and sweet, just like when we first came to meet.""Up in the Hideaway sheltered from the trouble, we instantly connected and formed our own little bubble…"

Amber in turn told Greg: "It would be fair to say that I've had quite a journey in the villa this summer. There have been so many highs and then some lows, but then along came Greg."

"Thank you for helping to build me back up. You've always been so sweet and lovely to me and you've managed to bring out my soft side."

amber and greg

Anyway, the dust has settled, the show is over, and it seems like Amber and Greg are just enjoying some quality time.


In fact, Greg took to Instagram yesterday, sharing a very cute selfie of himself and Amber.

The rugby player posted a very cute snap to his instagram stories, captioning it:

"Love Island? Completed it mate!"

This adorable picture comes after the couple confirmed that they are exclusively dating.

During an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Greg turned to Amber and said: "I think we're exclusive what do you think?"


Amber simply replied: "Yeah I think, yeah."

Well, good for them anyway. We love Amber and Greg together.