And Just Like That... episode 4: New friendships are formed and others are lost 7 months ago

And Just Like That... episode 4: New friendships are formed and others are lost

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New friendships are formed and others are lost.


*Spoilers for episode four of And Just Like That...

The latest episode of And Just Like That... has just landed on NOW, and new friendships are truly beginning to blossom.

As Carrie continues to deal with the death of her husband, she forms a new relationship with realtor Seema (Sarita Choudhury).

Unashamed of her desire to continue dating as a middle aged woman, Seema takes offence when Carrie congratulates her for "still putting herself out there." The pair consider what it means to be single in New York, discussing dating apps and meeting men, suggesting that we may be privy to more of this new 2021 dating scene as the series goes on.


The loss of Willie Garson, who passed away earlier this year, is also addressed as Stanford leaves a note for Carrie informing her that he has gone to Tokyo.

Stanford's husband Anthony also receives a similar note stating that Stanford wants a divorce, a seemingly abrupt end to their turbulent relationship and Stanford's run in the series. But given that the show has indeed been dedicated to Garson, we can only presume that his memory will remain very much alive as the episodes progress.


Last week's instalment saw Charlotte grapple with her daughter telling her she "doesn't feel like a girl," whereas Miranda struggled with her own sexual identity.

Episode four also sees Dr. Nya consider the possibility of motherhood. Telling new (super woke) friend Miranda that she felt relief when her last round of IVF didn't go through, she considers whether she'll regret not trying for a child again.

Two out of three of the core characters in this show may have children but many of them don't. These women are not depicted as a bereft - rather their decisions are treated with sensitivity or, in Carrie's case, simply not mentioned at all.


And why should they be? Women have never been defined by whether or not they have children, and thankfully, this new era of Sex and the City knows it.

It's clear that And Just Like That... is focused on more than just physical sex and relationships, giving audiences insights into the new and sometimes complicated workings of family life, gender, and navigating 2021 as a woman in her 50s - whether you're single or not.

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