5 things you probably didn't know about The Princess Diaries 4 years ago

5 things you probably didn't know about The Princess Diaries

Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway!

Anne Hathaway has stared in plenty of amazing films over her successful career, but the one that started it all, is our favourite.


The Princess Diaries was an iconic movie for young girls.

Watching it lead us to dream about magically becoming the princesses we always knew we were.

From Mia's wonderful makeover to Julie Andrews' graceful presence, we loved every bit of this film.

This August the film turned 15 (hard to believe, we know!).

At the time, Anne Hathaway took to Instagram to pay tribute to the film that launched her career.



Safe to say, the movie still has a special place in the birthday girl's heart.

Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about the movie.

1. Mia's clumsiness wasn't exactly in the script.

The scene where Mia trips and falls in the bleachers was actually not planned and was very real. Anne Hathaway had tripped while doing the scene, and director Garry Marshall decided to keep it in.


2. Fat Louie the fat was Anne's real life pet.

One of the four different cats that played the role was the actresses own. They had four different cats to cater to specific needs, for example, one allowed people to carry it, one could sit still, another would jump, and then there was one who sits on the envelope at the end of the movie.

3.  The photos of Mia's dad are of Anne's actual father.

In the movie, Mia's father is deceased (unlike in the books). While Mia talks about her dad it shows a photograph of him next to her music box, this is Anne's own father, Gerald Hathaway. He is also in a scene in which he writing the letter to her while fishing.


4. Whitney Houston is one of the film's producers. 

The legendary singer produced both Princess Diaries films as well as Cheetah Girls, Cinderella (1997) and Sparkle.

5.  Juliette Lewis could have been Mia. 

The part of Mia was originally offered to the Cape Fear actress but she turned it down. In fact, the role was offered to a whole host of Hollywood actresses who all turned it down. This includes  Christina Applegate,  Cameron Diaz,  Kate Beckinsale,  Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Silverstone,Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brittany Murphy, Katie Holmes, and many many more were offered, but all turned it down.


We're bet Anne Hathaway is glad they all did!