ANOTHER Emmerdale star has slammed Roxanne, calling her a 'narcissist' 3 years ago

ANOTHER Emmerdale star has slammed Roxanne, calling her a 'narcissist'

This really isn't dying down.

Whether you're watching it or not, surely you must know that Celebrity Big Brother is full of drama this year?


The main source of that drama - for the last week or so - is without a doubt, Roxanne Pallett.

She claimed that Ryan Thomas repeatedly "punched her in the ribs" and she called him a "woman beater," which of course was untrue. He was simply play fighting with her and Roxanne just totally blew it out of proportion.

Many stars have been slamming the actress, saying that she was way out of line, and now another Emmerdale star has had a few words to say.

Former Emmerdale co-star Adele Silva has claimed that she "rang alarm bells" on the set of the ITV soap.

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Adele, who played Kelly Windsor, said on FUBAR radio: Sometimes when people come in and they don't behave like they should and that many people are speaking out about it, then obviously it kind of rings alarm bells," clearly hinting at Roxanne.

"The more we talk about it the more we give attention to it is playing into somebody's hands, and maybe they like that in a narcissistic kind of way.


"Watch this space because I don't think that will be the end of it," she added.

Adele then very openly condemned Roxanne's behaviour, saying: "When someone has a reputation and they're been fired from different jobs or lots of people are claiming they're been bullied or accused of different things, then it's baffling that I think that person gets employed again and again and again."

She also added that she thinks the world of Ryan.