This 'Bad Lip Reading' of Mark Zuckerburg's senate hearing is HILARIOUS 3 years ago

This 'Bad Lip Reading' of Mark Zuckerburg's senate hearing is HILARIOUS

This just has to be seen!

We here in Her are major fans of YouTube channel "A Bad Lip Reading", forever providing us with major laughs as they rewrite and reword videos featuring celebrities to basically make them say utter nonsense.


The talent comes in how crazily realistic the videos seem. From the Trump v Clinton presidential debate video which garnered over 101 million views (and it looks like Trump says he wants a "baby on fleek", literally), to a 30 minute reworked video of High School Musical that is almost better than the original... funnier anyways, A Bad Lip Reading truly are computer wizards!

And now, their latest video is a bad lip reading of Mark Zuckerburg's congressional hearing, where he spoke about Facebook and privacy in front of the senate. Now the actual footage of this was a meme in itself two weeks ago as many referred it to "a conversation with your 90-year-old grandparents about how the internet works", which it practically was.

But this video published yesterday by A Bad Lip Reading takes it to the next level and it's utterly GOLD.

You would nearly be mistaken into thinking this is the real video, the original was so bizarre in its own right.

If you are a new fan of A Bad Lip Reading after just watching this, well you are in luck as I have five others you just need to watch.


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