This Bake Off winner looks set to be competing in Strictly next year 4 years ago

This Bake Off winner looks set to be competing in Strictly next year

Could it be?

If there's one thing we love more than Strictly Come Dancing, it's the Great British Bake Off. 


(Well, actually, there are lots of things that we love more than Strictly Come Dancing but for the purpose of this piece let's just pretend that there isn't.)

And when you think about it really, the two shows are actually pretty similar too.

Both have got presenters.

Both see somebody get eliminated at the end of every episode.


Both feature a lot of innuendoes, soggy bottoms, and firm handshakes.

Well, those last three might just be Bake Off but you get the idea.

Imagine how delighted we were then to hear that our favourite Bake Off winner, Nadiya Hussain, looks set to be competing in the dancing show next year.



Nadia won the Bake Off back in 2015 thanks to her incredible lion bread, her attention to detail, and the stunning displays of cake-filled tiers she presented to the judges each week.

And now, she's apparently going to take on another reality show in the form of Strictly. 

According to The Sun, Strictly producers are mad to get the baker on board - so much so that they even invited her to come watch one of the shows being recorded a few weeks back.


Since Bake Off, Nadiya has been fairly busy too.

She got her own show on the BBC, she's a mum-of-three, she's written a book, she's done some columns.

A bit of everything really.

... Everything except dancing - until next year, that is.


(We hope.)