Bake Off's Sandi Toksvig has some harsh words for all the Rahul haters out there 3 years ago

Bake Off's Sandi Toksvig has some harsh words for all the Rahul haters out there

Love him or hate him, Rahul is here to stay.

Well, until next week that is because that's when the Bake Off final is on and either him, Ruby, or Kim-Joy will be named the winner.


Until then though - he's around.

And while a load of people are absolutely delighted by this fact, many (for some reason) aren't.

They think Rahul shouldn't have made the final, they say Rahul is rude and annoying, they criticise Rahul for not being able to take a compliment when in reality he just has really low self esteem and everyone needs to leave him alone and support him in whatever way they can.


Bake Off judge Sandi Toksvig thinks so too, and she decided to put everyone who has a bad word to say about Rahul on blast.

Or rather, she just laid down some home truths.


She told Digital Spy: 


"What you see is what you get (with Rahul). He’s a really charming man with very little self-confidence and an astonishing talent.

"I’m sorry if there is a backlash. Everybody is doing their best.

"These are not telly people. These are people who have decided to put themselves forward to do something that they are passionate about. So, I would hate for there to be a backlash against anybody."

Tell them, Sandi.

This comes after news that for the first time ever, the baking finalists will be baking outside of the iconic tent for a portion of next week's final.


The final takes place next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.