The best of Twitter reacts 2022 (in what might be the platform's final year) 5 months ago

The best of Twitter reacts 2022 (in what might be the platform's final year)

By Katy Thornton

Consider this our way of memorialising our favourite Irish Twitter moments.


Unfortunately it may be the beginning of the end for Twitter. There have been ups, downs, and everything in between, but one thing is for certain. While it can also be a cesspool for negativity and scare-mongering, Twitter can also be a place for incredible wit and comedy. If this is indeed the end of the app as we know it, we're going to take a look back on our favourite times that Irish Twitter delivered on some top notch humour in 2022.

Christmas chocolate hitting the shelves early

Nothing riles people up quite as much as Christmas arriving early, and Twitter was the chosen platform for the public to vent their anger on this topic.


Bounty Ban

When news broke of the bounty ban, naturally people were outraged.


Gone Girl mystery (spoilers imminent, if you haven't seen it already, then what are you doing?)

This is up there with one of my favourite Twitter moments of 2022. Fellow tweeter Declan Cashin found what was obviously a well-thought out (if not rather intense) gift between pals that made its way into a second hand bookstore. That the book centres around a woman who fakes their own death so her husband will be accused of murder only makes its being given away even better. Siobhan, we hope you're safe.


Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers engagement

Ever since Phoebe Bridgers very publicly thirsted after Paul Mescal while watching Normal People, we have been obsessed with their budding romance. That the pair are now engaged (allegedly) sent Twitter absolutely spiralling, giving us some of our absolute fave tweets of the year.

Of course we now believe Bridgers and Mescal have gone their separate ways, but hey, they give us some great Twitter memes for the years they were together.


Banning of James Corden from everything

I know the highlight of my Twitter year was when Shed Direct Ireland banned James Corden from their store (almost as much as them offering people free bounties with every purchase following the ban). And can I just say, whoever is running the Sheds Direct Ireland Twitter account deserves a damn raise. Shed Direct weren't the only Irish business to give him the boot; Eddie Rockets in Phibsborough specifically were also not happy, along with several others.

Dear Slim

We will never be able to thank Bláthnaid enough for the absolute gold her letters to Slim/Eminem/Marshall Mathers is. While she initially said it was only for Mr. Marshall Mathers to read, she allowed us all a sneak peek into her fandom, and she really is the GOAT for that.

Who should have been invited to the Met

The MET is always a great time for Twitter. While I love seeing people dissect how each celebrity has not stuck to the theme (God, it's like they've never even heard of the Gilded Age, can you believe it???) just the sheer volume of hilarious memes that are born of the photos is the true reason to be on the app during the event (you know, if you've declined your own invitation).

One day Nadine Coyle's passport will arrive, I just know it.


Liz Truss may not have outlasted a literal lettuce as British Prime Minister, but her pronunciation of Taoiseach will last in our memories and hearts forever and ever. Mostly because it bore the Twitter thread of what each Irish Taoiseach would look like as a pair of socks. Classic.

Derry Girls Season Three

2022 was the year we said goodbye to Derry Girls, and while it was an emotional affair to say the least (that scene of them all dressed like angels/swans at the hospital will stick with me for a long time), it bred some of the best Twitter memes of 2022.

Ronan Keating's son entering Casa Amor

And as always, when an Irish person enters the villa, particularly Casa Amor, Twitter erupts, and this was no clearer than when Jack Keating had his five minutes in the spotlight, of being Ronan Keating's son fame. That those five minutes were literally spent telling Gemma Owen, of being Michael Owen's daughter fame, that his dad was Ronan Keating, only for her not to have the foggiest idea who that is, was the icing on the cake.

Although Ekin-Su telling him life is a rollercoaster upon his dumping from the island was also a great moment for all the Twitter heads.