Big Brother have announced a new twist and it is a total game changer 3 years ago

Big Brother have announced a new twist and it is a total game changer


Big Brother have announced a new twist - and it's going to really shake up the game.


The Channel 5 series kicked off its final series on the network earlier this month, where they have been tribute some of Big Brothers' biggest and best years.

And, of course, included some new twists.

The first of the new additions was the form of currency, Big Coin, that housemates can use for advantages throughout the series.

And it had a particularly big impact in week one.

There were no nominations, but rather the three housemates with the lowest totals of Big Coin were at risk of going home. It was Anamélia, ultimately, who went home.

Nominations are going to be going back to normal on Sunday, but Emma Willis announced another new twist last night [Friday, September 21].


There's going to be a weekly Gamechanger competition, which will see six housemates compete every week to be able to save one of the nominated housemates.

The group competing will always include the housemate that has the largest Big Coin total, as well as those who are on the chopping block.

The player with the most Big Coin will be able to pick someone else to play, too.

The Gamechanger will kick off for the first time next week.