Calm yourselves, Friends isn't being removed from Netflix Ireland - yet 2 years ago

Calm yourselves, Friends isn't being removed from Netflix Ireland - yet

Good news, everyone.

The show that you've already watched - and rewatched - 87 times from start to finish isn't going anywhere.


Meaning that you can definitely squeeze in another watch by the end of the decade. Class.

That's right, amidst rumours, chat, and downright fears that our beloved Friends is to be removed from Netflix on January 1, people were scared.

They were angry, they were afraid, they were up in arms at the mere prospect of the world's popular sitcom being permanently removed from their streaming based lives so prematurely.

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However, it turns out that there's absolutely no need for us here in Ireland (or the UK, for that matter) to be so panicked, because Friends isn't going anywhere.

At least not right now.

Come January 1 2020, all 10 seasons of the sitcom will be removed from Netflix US as the company's deal with the NBC show reaches its end.

Instead, the series will move to HBO's new streaming service, HBO Max - a platform that will no doubt garner a whole host of new subscribers because of the move.


According to What's On Netflix, US viewers are now being prompted with a warning that Friends will only be available to stream on site until January 1.

Thankfully for us here in Ireland though, that isn't the case - and we'll be able to continue rewatching the show as much as we like.

Well, for the time being at least.


Netflix US announced that the show was leaving the platform in the States earlier this year, tweeting:

"The One Where We Have To Say Goodbye. We’re sorry to see Friends go to Warner’s streaming service at the beginning of 2020 (in The US).

"Thanks for the memories, gang."

Cue uproar. Just not in Ireland, wha.

Friends is (still!) available to stream on Netflix UK and Ireland now.