Casa Amor first look: Fans are given a sneak peek at the new villa 1 month ago

Casa Amor first look: Fans are given a sneak peek at the new villa

It's back.

The time has come, Casa Amor is finally here and we're about to see 12 new bombshells shooting their shot at love in the villa.


But it's the actual villa that has us intrigued, completely renovated and in a new locaton, it looks unrecognisable from the previous seasons.

And the best part? It's got its very own Hideaway for the first time ever.

The new Hideaway is set to really test the new and old islanders as they'll have the opportunity to do a lot more grafting than ever before.

The new villa was teased on last night's Love Island: Aftersun, showing clips of the islanders new home for the next few days.

Getting ready for the new batch of islanders, the production team could be seen putting some final touches on the new villa.

If this is your first time watching the show and you're confused over what all this means, we got you. The islanders are split for a few days halfway through the show with either the boys or girls staying in the villa while the others head off to Casa Amor.


There they'll find six new islanders, with another six joining the main villa. At the end of the few days, they'll need to pick whether they want to stick with their original couple, or switch to someone new.

Not giving an awful lot away, we get a glimpse of the neon lips at the hideaway as well as all the decorations and furniture having the same vibe as the main villa, with a fire pit, a huge pool and daybeds.

Showing off their new home over the next few days, Laura Whitmore had us all buzzing for the upcoming episodes.


"A brand new villa is complete," she said. "It’s a new location for the new temptation and for the first time ever, with its very own Hideaway. Get ready for Casa Amor!"

And it all gets more exciting when you remember that three of the new additions are Irish, with Kaila Troy and Salma Naran both from Dublin and Matthew MacNabb from Belfast.