A number of formal complaints have been made about Maura Higgins this week 5 months ago

A number of formal complaints have been made about Maura Higgins this week


So, obviously we're all obsessed with Maura Higgins.

She's a gas bitch, and has been totally carrying this season of Love Island (well, Ovie has helped.)

However, some viewers were left less than impress by her behaviour this week, it seems.

Ofcom has received 32 formal complaints about Maura Higgins, and her behaviour.

As you may recall, Maura straddled her fella, Curtis, looking for sex. Fair enough hun, get yours.

Curtis, clearly not up for it, said he was tired and that "tonight is not the night."

Also fair enough.

However, Maura, who has not exactly been shy about her sexual needs, wasn't super happy.

Maura responded: "Well if tonight is not the night, then what night is the night? I want you."

When she woke up the next day, and she was still mad with Curtis, telling Molly-Mae Hague that she was getting sexually frustrated.

maura higgins

And while it was all a bit of fun, a number of people have complained about Maura's carry on.

A spokesperson for Ofcom told The Sun:"We will assess these complaints against our broadcasting rules.""But we are yet to decide whether or not to investigate."

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter, with many referencing the "double standards".

One tweeter said: "Imagine the reaction if Curtis was having a tantrum because Maura wouldn’t have sex with him?"

Another wrote: "If Curtis was getting in a mood with Maura the way she was this would be a whole different story."

What do you think?