Connell's chain is currently in Daisy Edgar-Jones' possession, just in case you were wondering 5 months ago

Connell's chain is currently in Daisy Edgar-Jones' possession, just in case you were wondering

*The Chain by Fleetword Mac plays*

For the past couple of weeks, Normal People has been the only thing on everybody's minds.

Well, that and the ongoing pandemic, the frustrations around social distancing, and the uncertainty concerning virtually every aspect of everyday life going forward.

But thankfully Normal People is here to distract us all from the monotony of quarantine existence, and instead make us feel equal parts horny, sad, and in love with any lad in a GAA jersey for the first time ever.

The show details the intense, intimate, and deeply upsetting relationship between Connell and Marianne - but there's a third character involved in the relationship that audiences have become fascinated by: Connell's chain.

The chain, as above, has this week garnered a lot of attention online from those among us who have suddenly decided that a man wearing a chain is apparently the most endearing thing in the entire world.

The chain has, in fact, proven so popular that an actual Instagram account has been set up in its honour.

It is, naturally, called @ConnellsChain. The account has over 50,000 followers. Yes, you did read that correctly.

But where is Connell's chain now? Who has it? How has it been? Is it still strung around the neck of a man who struggles to emotionally express himself sometimes?

As it turns out, it isn't - it's actually in the possession of Marianne herself, Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Daisy shared a photo of the chain to her Instagram account last night, confirming that she has Connell's chain as well as Marianne's ring, and a candle lit between them to keep them both safe.

According to Daisy, the chain smells like sandalwood and GAA shorts, which is good to know for those among who are for some reason desperate to know what Connell's neck reeks of.

You do truly love to see it.