Coronation Street boss drops a hint about Bethany Platt's exit storyline 9 months ago

Coronation Street boss drops a hint about Bethany Platt's exit storyline

Coronation Street boss Ian Macleod has hinted that Bethany Platt's exit storyline may have something to do with her feelings for Daniel Osbourne.

Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, announced earlier this year that she would be leaving the cobbles.

And producer Iain Macleod revealed that Daniel Osbourne's guilt over the kiss he shared with Bethany will continue to take a massive toll on him.

"We have got the interesting next chapter of the Daniel and Bethany story, which is about Daniel's grief," he told DigitalSpy"One thing that soap typically struggles with is telling a realistic grief time-frame because we're in that person's house, head and mind in every day, and it gets to the point whereas a viewer you think: 'This is really truthful, but it's getting quite dark now'."

He added that he thinks they have found a way of "realistically portraying" the next phase of Daniel's grief, as he addressed the possibility that Bethany and Daniel may one day become an actual couple.

"That's the point of the story. In one of their heads, it's a romance. In the other, it's slightly more complicated than that," he continued. "I think we've cracked what's a really interesting grief story, which isn't just Daniel sitting in his flat feeling really lonely. That's going to be quite big at the start of the year and ultimately form part of Lucy Fallon's exit story, without saying too much more about it than that."