Coronation Street fans reckon they have figured out who will die in factory collapse 1 year ago

Coronation Street fans reckon they have figured out who will die in factory collapse

Uh oh.

Coronation Street showruner Iain MacLeod announced late last year that a beloved Weatherfield resident would be dying as the Underworld factory collapsed.

While the tragedy is set to initially appear as a devastating accident, it will soon emerge that "some kind of criminal enterprise" caused it.

And eventually, Weatherfield residents will begin to realise that the factory collapse is actually the work of a twisted person among them - the long running soap's new super-villain.

Coronation Street released the first look at the tragedy earlier this week, revealing the prime suspects - and those who are trapped in the building.

However, after Wednesday night's episodes, fans now think they have noticed a clue as to who may be in danger when the roof collapses: Rana Nazir.

It all began when Rana decided to approach Carla about her hen night, and her sweet plans to reveal the bespoke wedding jumpsuit she had gotten made for Kate for their wedding.

She spoke to Carla about her future plans - telling her how there's "so much I want to do with my life" - before getting the keys to the factory.

This has led viewers to one conclusion: Rana is going to be the one who dies in the Underworld collapse.

Bhavna Limbachia - the actress who has played Rana since 2016 - confirmed she would be exiting the long running soap in late January.

In a message shared on Twitter, she thanked fans for support as she confirmed that her "journey at Coronation Street will be coming to an end."

The full details about her exit are being kept under wraps at the moment, although it has been rumoured that Rana will die on her wedding day to Kate Connor.