Corrie fans upset by scenes as David Platt drugged and raped 3 years ago

Corrie fans upset by scenes as David Platt drugged and raped

Warning - this article includes content which may prove upsetting to some readers.

A harrowing episode of Coronation Street.


If you were watching, you'll know that tonight's show focused on David Platt and the horrifying situation he found himself in.

He was out for what he thought was a casual drink with Josh, completely unaware of the mechanic's evil intentions.

As viewers witnessed, Josh spiked David's drink and when the drug kicked in, it became clear what he was planning.

The mechanic brought a defenceless and vulnerable David to the bedroom of his apartment and slammed the door.

Viewers were left horrified as David attempted to stop him but was unable due to the effects of the drug and the next episode will show him waking up and realising that Josh raped him.

Tonight, fans shared their thoughts about the episode on social media and many praised the Manchester-based soap for raising awareness about such an important topic.




He later confronts Josh about the sickening act who completely denies that he raped him.

Tonight's episode was very difficult to watch and it's clear there are more traumatic scenes to come.

Earlier this week, Coronation Street producer Kate Oates was forced to defend the storyline.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said:


“We’re telling stories and some stories are challenging and that’s the way it’s always been.

“Male sexual assault happens… We know from research that men take in excess of 25 years to disclose when a male sexual assault happens to them. This needs discussion.”