Corrie's Jack P Shepherd explains why he was passed out in a lift the other night 5 years ago

Corrie's Jack P Shepherd explains why he was passed out in a lift the other night


Football fans have been experiencing their fair share of extreme reactions to the World Cup.


Some of them have been over tweeting every match and losing all of their followers. Others have been videoing themselves shouting loudly (Ross Kemp).

And then others have been drinking copious amounts of alcohol and passing out in lifts in random buildings because it's "coming home", or whatever.

And it's this final scenario that Coronation Street's Jack P Shepherd found himself in the other night following England's match against Colombia.

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The English have been getting pretty hyped over this year's World Cup due to the fact that their team is playing quite well which is fair enough.

This hype had led to lots of things like the absolute overuse of the phrase "it's coming home," Wetherspoons running out of pale ale, and popular soap actors falling asleep in strange places.

Shepherd, who plays David Platt in the ITV soap, chose a random lift as his strange place of choice, ending up slumped across it on Tuesday night with his phone still in his hand.

Classy boy.


Shepherd was then discovered by a Coronation Street fan who took a photo of him and sold it to a major publication, probably.

The actor later saw the photo and decided to take matters into his own hands and explain why he was passed out in the lift via Instagram Stories.

He said: "I was texting Gareth saying... it's coming home."


Of course you were, man.

Of course.

This comes after Shepherd absolutely ripped the piss out of former Corrie actor Ryan Thomas on Instagram a few weeks back while he was on holidays.

Instead of just enjoying his time away with his girlfriend like a normal person, Shepherd began tagging Thomas in every single photo he uploaded.


Thomas eventually unfollowed Shepherd and Shepherd told him to "get fucked."

It was all very dramatic.