Dancing On Ice contestants banned from having sex for bizarre reason 2 years ago

Dancing On Ice contestants banned from having sex for bizarre reason


There are very few things in this world that cannot be made better by sex.


The daytime. The nighttime. Midday. The weekend. Dinner. Lunch. Breakfast. Work.

The list goes on.

Apparently, you even sleep better after having a bit of a ride so, you know, there really are zero negatives to the act.

According to Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner though, there are a lot of negatives and he doesn't want any of the celebrities competing in this year's show to be off their game.

The programme hasn't even begun yet and already contestants are being warned about their behaviour on and off the ice.

Gardiner said that the celebs can't be drinking, over-eating, or having sex during the show.



He told The Sun: 

"They need to avoid alcohol, any overindulgence on Christmas Day and sex.

"Absolutely no sex. It drains you of your chi."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I was very much under the impression that sex gave you lots of chi.

I'm not 100 percent sure what kind of chi Jason is talking about but it's probably fairly unlikely that the celebrities are going to be losing a whole load of it if they want to have a bit of sex.


Plus, another positive of having lots of sex is that it keeps you fit so Jason, an established choreographer and dancer, clearly doesn't know what he's on about.

The Australian judge then went on to admit that he doesn't actually know who most of the celebrities competing in the show are.


“I don’t know what they are famous for. I didn’t know what Love Island was. I’d say I didn’t know 80 percent of the line-up. Sorry, I’m being honest.

“The thing is I don’t own a TV.”

Maybe don't give your unsolicited advice on their sex lives then, Jason.